Image of Anders Kvanta. Foto by Stefan Zimmerman

Anders Kvanta

Professor/senior physician

We conduct translational research aimed at developing new treatments for common sight-threatening disorders of the retina

About me

Professor in ophthalmology and senior staff member in vitreoretinal surgery

Research description

We conduct experimental and clinical studies focused on identifying and improving treatments of retinal diseases, including retinal degenerations, retinal vein occlusion and diabetic retinopathy. Projects include molecular and cell biology studies, and development of preclinical models aimed at identifying molecules and pathways relevant to pathologic neovascularization and cell death and translation into development of novel gene- and cell therapies with the overall goal to restore lost vision. We lead an ongoing first-in-human clinical gene therapy trial for hereditary retinal degeneration. In a joint project, we use differentiated embryonic stem cells to replace lost retinal cells in an attempt to treat advanced macular degeneration with a first-in-human clinical trial in development.