About me

My background is in biomedicine (Lund University) and my research focus lie within the field of neuroscience. After accomplishing my PhD on Parkinson disease mechanisms from Karolinska Institutet and National Institute of Health (USA) I started my postdoc switching to studies on the molecular mechanisms of Alzheimer disease. Since 2015, I’m part of Miia Kivipelto’s research group and Angel Cedazo-Minguez’s group. The goal of my research is to understand more on the molecular basis of prevention and risk in Alzheimer disease.

Research description

Alzheimer disease is a devastating disorder with a steadily increasing number of affected. A number of risk factors for Alzheimer disease have been identified and preventive interventions in dementia is an important step to delay disease onset and disease progression. My goal is to gain more understanding of the biology behind prevention and risk for Alzheimer disease. By investigating how genes and environment affect the brain at a molecular level, we can pinpoint the target molecules and in the future develop more individualized therapies and preventive interventions. Specifically I'm studying cellular mechanisms related to ApoE genotype and cholesterol metabolism and utilize a combination of clinical samples (brain, CSF, blood) transgenic models and cell lines.  

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