About me

I'm a researcher within the Nordic-UK Brain Network led by Professor Miia Kivipelto. My background is within Biomedicine and I run projects on fluid biomarkers and disease mechanisms related to Alzheimer disease risk and prevention.


Research description

A number of risk factors for Alzheimer disease have been identified and preventive interventions in dementia is an important step to delay disease onset and disease progression. My goal is to gain more understanding of the biology behind prevention and risk for Alzheimer disease. By investigating how environmental factors and genes affect the brain at the molecular level, we can pinpoint the target molecules and in the future develop more individualized therapies and preventive interventions. Specifically we are studying mechanisms and biomarkers related to cholesterol dyshomeostasis, vascular factors, neuroinflammation, myelin break-down and oxidative stress utilizing well characterized clinical cohorts (brain, CSF, blood) as well as transgenic AD models and cell lines.