Ann-Sofie Sten.

Ann-Sofie Sten

Communications officer

Communications officer within the Internal Communication Consultants Team at Karolinska Institutet.

About me

I work as communications officer within the Internal Communication Consultants Team at Karolinska Institutet. 

My current assignments:

Department of Medicine Solna: Initially my main tasks are to provide strategic and operational communication support to the management, and support to the department's web editor.

The information management program: The program is part of the university-wide operational plan of Strategy 2030. My role is to support the project manager in communication issues. 


Communications officer at Karolinska Institutet from April 2021.

Communications officer, University of Gothenburg, 2001-2021.


Media and Communications Studies, University of Gothenburg

Global Development Studies, University of Gothenburg

International Project Coordinator, Sensus + University of Gothenburg

Web designer, Eductus


Foto: Johan Wingborg.