About me

Ashir Javeed received his BS in Software Engineering and MS in Computer Science. He has recently received his PhD in Software Engineering from University of Electronic Science and Technology, Chengdu, China. Dr. Ashir has conducted research in several areas including artificial intelligence, data mining and applications in the medical field for designing diagnostic systems to identify heart failure and other diseases.

Research description

During his doctoral study, Dr. Ashir had investigated the application of machine learning approaches for automated diseases prediction using novel features selection methods and deep learning techniques and  He has developed various automated diagnostic systems based on  machine learning and data mining approaches for timely detection of heart failure and schizophrenia.

Ashir's primary research interests are in the field of Health Informatics, Machine Learning and Soft Computing. 

Teaching portfolio

Prior to doctoral study, Ashir was working as a Lecturer in computer science in a postgraduate institute (Pakistan) where he gave lectures, conduct labs and also mark student assignments and examines paper. He also instructs final year students in each session for their degree projects.