About me

Asif has a bachelor degree (B.Sc. Hons) in Statistics and a master degree (M.Sc.) in Statistics. After completing the M.Sc. he worked with the company Accenture and American Express for more than two years. His work involved statistical modeling and data analysis for business problems. Since 2008 Asif has been working at Imperial College London as a PhD candidate in statistics. His research focus was on working on new statistical models (Survival Analysis, Regression, and Bayesian change point models) for applications in consumer profiling, segmentation, fraud detection and credit scoring.

Asif has been recruited to Pernilla´s group as a full-time statistician as he is planning to develop his career in epidemiology and biostatistics. He will be involved in analysing research studies, statistical analysis, collaborating with researchers on statistical analysis and methodological developments in HRQOL data analysis, and guiding PhD students with methodological aspects of their research projects.

Research description

Research group Surgical Care Sciences