B. Lemmens

Bennie Lemmens

Assistant professor

Assistant Professor & Group Leader at Department of Medical Biochemistry and Biophysics

↳ DNA replication
↳ Time-resolved genetics
↳ Nanoscale imaging

Research description

My research group focuses on understanding how human cells copy their DNA and maintain genome stability. We apply advanced genetics and imaging techniques to control and visualize DNA replication in time and space.

Academic honours, awards and prizes

2022-2023: ASPIRE award for Innovative Cancer Research (Mark foundation,US)

2022-2026: 100% KID grant for top-ranked junior group leaders at KI 

2020-2021: Awarded start-up grant in Medicine by the Åke Wiberg foundation

2020-2021: Awarded start-up grant by the Jeanssons foundation

2020-2021: Blue Sky Continuation Award for Innovative Cancer Research 

2020-2021: Awarded Special KI research grant for top-ranked junior scientists 

2020-2024: KID funding to support doctoral education

2020-2024: Awarded 4-year Starting Grant by the Swedish Research Council (VR)

2019-2020: Blue Sky Award for Innovative Cancer Research (KI-Cancer/StratCan)

2018-2019: Awared KI research grant for young scientists

2017-2020: Awared 3-year fellowship by the Swedisch Cancer foundation 

2016-2017: Awared KI research grant for young scientists 

2014-2016: Awarded 2-year fellowship by the Wenner-Gren foundation