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MD 1983 (leg.1985), board certified specialist in clinical physiology (1990), nuclear medicine (1997) and consultant since 1994. Head and chairman of dept. of clinical physiology & nuclear medicine, Linköping Heart Center/University hospital 2002-2009. PhD-studies twinned to biomedical engineering (Dr.Med.Sci.1993, dissertation: Aortic valvlar flow). Postdoc CNR Pisa 1997, research fellow of the Swedish Medical Research Council 1997-2002 and Docent since 1999. Adjunct assoc. professor 2004-2009 (clinical physiology and biomedical engineering resp.) and adj. professor of biomedical engineering, physiological measurements 2009, all at Linköping university. Since 2010 professor of medical technology at Karolinska Institutet (Dept. of clinical science, intervention and technology), affiliated to the Royal Institute of Technology (School of technology and health), combined with a position as consultant in clinical physiology and nuclear medicine at Karolinska University hospital.

Research description

Research interest

Examples from the research's central areas with focus on development and application of cardiovascular bedside functional imaging:

Flow determination with ultrasound-Doppler: Developed stroke volume determination with ultrasound Doppler in order to replace invasive heart catheterisation. Development of SIVV (surface integration of velocity vectors) - a new flow calculation tool. Software simulating cardiovascular effects on heart bloodflow. The research group was first describing tissue tracking for ultrasound images motion detection independently of direction. In collaboration with department of pedagogics the learning process of adding functional information into traditionally morphological images is studied, in order to implement optimized educational programs.


Teaching interest More than 20 years experience from problem based learning (PBL) at the Faculty of Health Sciences in Linköping, including tutoring base-groups, lecturing, computerized clinical cases, question times, examinations and in-depth-studies for medical and health care students within physiology, clinical physiology or cardiology with focus on the cardiovascular and respiratory systems. Issuing of licencies to practice medical technical and image storage equipment. In the late 90-ies editor of the educational program (still valid 2010) for board certification as educational secretary for the Swedish Society of Clinical Physiology in the Swedish Society of Medicine.

Lecturing, examinations and tutoring master´s thesis in cardiovascular and respiratory biomechanics, physiology, cardiology and medical imaging for biomedical engineering students. Director/codirector of several multidiciplinary research and clinical courses with focus on cardiovascular physiology, echocardiography and functional imaging.

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