Carl Lind

Affiliated to research

About me

PhD Ergonomics, MSc Ergonomics/HTO, Mechanical Engineer.

Research description

I am currently working as a postdoctoral researcher and teacher. My research interest concerns Ergonomics/Human Factors, and particularly physical ergonomics, with the aim to optimize human health and performance in the workplace.

Current research concerns:

  • Optimization and design of methods and tools to assess biomechanical exposures, and to make those usable for OSH practitioners and companies. This involves e.g. the Smart Workwear System and the RAMP tool.
  • Design and evaluations of interventions targeting at reducing or optimizing adverse biomechanical exposures.
  • Epidemiological studies the investigates physiological, psychological, psychosocial and organizational factors and their influence on health and performance-related outcomes, such as musculoskeletal disorders, disability and work ability.
  • Developments of Ergonomics standards (SS, EN and ISO) targeting manual handing, workstation design and working postures.

My previous research has involved e.g. the development and evaluation of the RAMP II tool and the RAMP I tool, interventions targeting biomechanical exposure reductions, usage of risk assessment tools among OHS-practitioners and facilitators, barriers for implementing ergonomics measures.

You may contacted be for research collaborations as wells as supervising degree projects concerning Ergonomics/Human Factors.

Teaching portfolio

Lecturer and/or supervisor - Karolinska Institutet

  • 3AH022 Exposure, Assessment and Intervention
  • 3AH015 Working Life and Health
  • 3AH013 Degree project in work and health  

Previous teaching experience at other universities (course responsible, lecturer or supervisor)

  • CH2002 Evaluation and Measures of Biomechanical Workload (KTH)
  • CH2003 Evaluations and Measures of the Acoustic Work Environment and Vibrations (KTH)
  • HN2003 Physical Ergonomics (KTH)
  • HN2010 Evaluation and Measures of the Physical Environment of Work, A (KTH)
  • HN2011 Evaluation and Measures of the Physical Environment of Work, B (KTH)
  • HN2016 Evaluation and Measures of the Physiological and Acoustic Work Environment (KTH)
  • HN2017 Evaluation and Measures of the Physical and Chemical Work Environment (KTH)
  • HN2018 Ergonomics for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders (KTH)
  • HN200X Degree Project in Ergonomics (KTH)
  • HM1011 Ergonomics in Product Development (KTH)
  • HM1025 Ergonomics in Product Development (KTH)
  • HF1007 Environmental Science and Work Science (KTH)
  • HF1201 Sustainability and Ergonomics (KTH)
  • HI2010 Medical Information and Communication Systems (KTH)


2017 PhD Technology and Health (Ergonomics), KTH Royal Institute of Technology, School of Technology and Health.

2010 MSc Ergonomics/Human-Technology-Organisation, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, School of Technology and Health.

2009 BSc Mechanical Engineering (Innovation and Design), KTH Royal Institute of Technology, School of Industrial Engineering & Management.

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