About me

Originally from Helsinki, Finland, I perfomed my PhD with Ulf Eriksson at MBB, Karolinska Institutet (KI) studying the metabolic role of the vascular growth factor VEGF-B, and went on for a short postdoctoral visit to EPFL in the laboratories of Profs. Auwerx and Schoonjans to study enerby metabolism and mitochondrial function. Returning to KI I joined the lab of Kirsty Spalding at ICMC, Medicin Huddinge to study human adipose tissue and its role in metabolic disease. 

In 2018 I recieved a faculty-funded position as Assistant Professor and will now be setting up my independent line of research at KI.

Research description

Medical researcher with a strong background in cell- and molecular biology. My main research area is cellular metabolism and how disruptions of it can lead to metabolic diseas, specially during obesity. Specifically I am interested in how obesity impacts fat cell (adipocyte) energy metabolism and how the vasculature within the fat tissue regulates nutrient uptake and accumulation during obesity.

In total I have 12 published papers with a H-factor of 11 and a sum of impact factors 171.9

Teaching portfolio

- Lecturer on several graduate and undergraduate courses in genetics, cell biology, adipose biology and vascular biology (KI, 2007- present). 

- Vice-responsible for the course Från Ägg till Embryo for KI medical students (2014-2015)

- Principal thesis supervisor for MSc-student Nahida Arifen (2016-2017)

- Co-supervisor for PhD-student Qian Li (2015 onwards)

- Supervisor and mentor for MD-student Caroline Schagerholm (2015-2016)



Post-doctoral fellow at ICMC, MedH, Karolinska Institutet, lab of Kirsty Spalding  (2013-2018)

Post-doctoral fellow at EPFL, Switzerland, lab of Profs. Johan Auwerx and Kristina Schoonjans (2013)

Ph.D. in Cell- and Molecular Biology, Karolinska Institutet, Sweden (2006-2011)

MSc in Biochemistry, University of Helsinki, Finland (1999-2006)

Academic honours, awards and prizes

 Prize for “Best Swedish pre-clinical doctoral thesis 2011 within the field of diabetes” by the Swedish Association of Diabetology 

 Prize for “Best M.Sc. thesis in Biochemistry in 2006” at the University of Helsinki 

 Faculty-funded position as Assistant Professor at Karolinska Institutet (2019-2022)

I have a strong background in research financing, self-financing most of my postdocs, PhD and Master studies with the geneours contributions of grants from among other Vetenskapsrådet, SSMF, KI KID money, the Foundation of Wilhelm and Else Stockmann and Frans Wilhelm och Waldemar von Frenckells fond.

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