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Carsten Daub

Principal researcher

About me

I am an Associate Professor (“Docent” in the Swedish academic system) and group leader for the Clinical Transcriptomics research group at the Department of Biosciences and Nutrition at Karolinska Institutet. My educational background is in Chemistry (Masters in 2000 at Technical University Berlin) and Bioinformatics (PhD in 2004 at Max-Planck-Institute in Golm). I spent two years as postdoc with Erik Sonnhammer at Karolinska Institutet 2004-2006 after which I went to work with Yoshihide Hayashizaki at RIKEN Yokohama. In 2007 I became Team Leader at RIKEN Omics Science Center (OSC) and was also leading the Bioinformatics Core Facility at RIKEN OSC as Facility Director since 2008. In 2012, I moved back to Karolinska Institutet to lead the Clinical Transcriptomics research group to improve the understanding of gene regulation underlying diseases. 

Research description

Publication summary Total number of peer-reviewed publications: 56, first author: 4, last author: 13 H-index: 30 (Google scholar) Total number of citations: >4000 (Google scholar)

Teaching portfolio



Since 2014, Niyaz Yoosuf, postdoc Since 2015, Enrichetta Mileti, PhD student Since 2015, Tahmina Akhter, PhD student Since 2015, Abdul Kadir Mukarram, PhD student (to be registered 2015-11-30) Since 2015, Matthias Hörtenhuber, PhD student (to be registered 2015-11-30)


2012-2014, Olga Hrydziuszko, postdoc 2012-2014, Nancy Yu, postdoc 2012-2013, Andrew Kwon, postdoc, RIKEN Yokohama 2011-2013, Jordan Ramilowski, postdoc, RIKEN Yokohama 2009-2011, Max Burroughs, postdoc, RIKEN Yokohama 2009-2013 Morana Vitezic, Karolinska Institutet PhD student with Carsten Daub as main supervisor, working at RIKEN Yokohama, financed by RIKEN IPA program