About me

I am a nurse and urotherapist with complementary education in clinical sexology. I combine my doctoral studies with clinical work at Danderyd's hospital where I manage my own outpatient clinic for patients with bowel dysfunction.

Research description

My doctoral studies focuses on sexual dysfunction in young adults within the Fex-Can project Fex-Can, Fertilitet och sexualitet efter cancer . 

Belong to Wettergren's research group. 

I am also involved in clinical research, where we in a multicenter RCT have investigated transanal irrigation as treatment for patients with major bowel dysfunction following rectal cancer treatment.

Teaching portfolio

5 yeras teaching experience.


Registered nurse


Qualified teacher

Method course in sexology

Academic honours, awards and prizes

Best abstract at the Surgery Week 2021. A randomized controlled clinical trial of the effect of Transanal irrigation on Low Anterior Resection Syndrome- an interim analysis