About me

I'm a reg. Occupational therapist since 2010, and has worked both in the municipality and in hospitals with persons with neurological dieases and impairments, as well as people with risk for disease due to old age or cardiovascular risk factors.

I have a Masters degree in Clinical Medical Science, and in 2018 I started my journey as a PhD student and took a break from my work as a Lecturer in Public Health at the University of Gävle, where I have worked as a Lecturer since 2014. My main interest in teaching and research is health promotion and sustainable development.

In my everyday life. I love to be with my family, at home beside a cosy fire, out in the nature skiing or in the woods walking or running with our dog.

Research description

The research project that Im currently working on is in the reserach group HELD in the project Make My Day. 

The project aims to evaluate the feasibility and effect of a digital and person-centered prevention program aiming to reduce the risk of stroke.

We have a primary preventative perspective that focuses on prevention of stroke by supporting people to acheive healthy activity patterns. A key concept and theoretical underpinning of the research project and the complex intervention we are testing in primary health care ise engaging everyday activities.