About me

I am currently associate professor of epidemiology and research group leader at this department and a physician at the Department of Hematology at Karolinska University Hospital. My research focuses on short- and long-term health effects of blood donations and transfusions, trauma, and cancer epidemiology. I defended my PhD thesis at Karolinska Institutet in 2007 and subsequently did a post doctoral fellowship at the department of epidemiology at Harvard School of Public Health. I hold several research grants from the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Heart Lung Foundation and the US National Institutes of Health.

I am the Swedish PI of the Scandinavian Donations and Transfusions (SCANDAT) database, which holds data on blood donations and transfusions in Sweden and Denmark between 1968 and 2012.

In addition to my research and clinical work, I am is a frequent teacher both in post graduate courses in epidemiologic methods as well as in the undergraduate medical program at Karolinska Institutet. I have also taught courses in SAS programming and have developed several freely available SAS macros.

Research description

The main focus of my research is etiological epidemiology with an emphasis on topics somewhere in the intersection between cancer epidemiology and transfusion medicine. In addition, I also participate in more clinically related transfusion medicine projects, and then especially studies of the acute health effects of blood transfusions. As a separate research interest, I've also participated in a series of studies on the heritability of breast cancer as well as of the dynamics of breast density and its implications.

Current supervision of PhD students


  • MD, Karolinska Institutet, 2010.
  • PhD, epidemiology, Karolinska Institutet, 2010.
  • BSc, medicine, Karolinska Institutet, 2004.

Academic honours, awards and prizes

My PhD thesis entitled "Blood donors long term health: implications for transfusion safety" was awarded Dmitris N Chorafas' prize in 2008.

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