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Hans-Gustaf Ljunggren

Professor/senior physician

About me

MD and PhD Karolinska Institutet (KI), 1982-1992. Post doc M.I.T., Boston, USA, 1992-1994. Group leader, Dept of Microbiology Tumor and Cell Biology (MTC), KI, 1994-2000. Professor at the Department of Medicine (H7), KI, 2001-. 

Commission of trust

Chairman Medical Student Association, KI, 1985. Scientific Secretary, Swedish Cancer Society, 1998-2002. Member Board of Research, KI, 2005-2011, and KI University Board, KI, 2011-2013. Vice department head, Department of Medicine (H7), 2008-2013. Member of the Nobel Assembly at KI, 2008-. Dean of Research, KI, 2013-2016. 

Research description

Our group has a long-term interest in exploring the function of human natural killer (NK) cells in health and in different disease settings including viral infections and cancer.

NK cells are innate immune cells. Studies in our group involve phenotypic and functional characterization of NK cells in healthy humans as well as in humans with primarily virus infections and cancer. A particular interest is focused towards the NK cell response to severe viral infections including flavivirus infections, such as infections by Denguevirus, tick born encephalitis virus and hepatitis C virus. A focus is also directed towards Bunyavirus infections causing severe hemorrhagic fevers including hantaviruses. In the case of human cancer, we are interested in using NK cells in therapeutic settings, in particular in the context of treating hematological malignancies such as myeloma, myelodysplastic syndromes and acute myeloid leukemia.

Keywords: NK cells, innate immunity, virus, cancer, hematology, immunotherapy

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