About me

I received my professional degree in Speech-Language Pathology in 2009 at Uppsala University. Since October 2015, I am a doctoral student at the Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology, Division of Speech and Language Pathology at the Karolinska Institutet. My main area of interest is neurogenic speech and language disorders in adults. Beside my studies I work as a speech-language pathologist at the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Danderyd University Hospital in Stockholm.


My graduate studies focus on apraxia of speech (AOS). AOS is typically defined as a motor speech disorder that disrupts the planning and programming of speech movements.

One aim of the project is to determine the prevalence of AOS in an unselected cohort of adults with acquired brain lesion in a subacute phase and to examine whether AOS can be reliably differentiated from other speech and language disorders. Other aims are to examine whether the speech production impairments in AOS are associated with distinctive patterns of brain injury and to identify neural correlates of recovery from AOS after stroke. The study will also address the question of whether the speech deficits seen in AOS could be due to a more central, modality-independent motor programming impairment.

Teaching portfolio

Teaching Area

I teach at courses at the Speech and Language Pathology Program at KI. My main teaching area is the characteristics, assessment and treatment of AOS. I also teach in courses concerned with communication impairments after an acquired brain injury at e.g. the Physiotherapy Program at KI, and in intern lecture series at the Department of Rehabilitation Medicine, Danderyd University Hospital.