Jean Hausser - picture by Jessica Watson

Jean Hausser

Principal researcher

About me

I am a systems biologist with expertise in creating new computational methods to find patterns in high-throughput data, and in developing new quantitative theories to explain these patterns, in strong collaboration with experimentalists.

My research aims at identifying quantitative principles in tumor biology.

Research description

  • systems biology of tumors
  • optimality in gene expression
  • evolutionary trade-offs

Teaching portfolio

  • Systems biology. Teaching assistant in Uri Alon's class at Weizmann Institute (2014)
  • General biology. Teaching assistant in Michael Hall's class at Uni Basel (2010)


  • PhD in bioinformatics, Uni Basel, Switzerland (2010)
  • Masters of Engineering in bioinformatics and computational modelling, National Institute of Applied Sciences Lyon, France (2006)
  • Diplomvorprüfung in Computer Science, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany (2003)

Academic honours, awards and prizes

  • Medicine&Health project grant from the Swedish Research Council (2018)
  • Project grant from the Swedish Cancer Fund (2018)
  • MIT Global Entrepreneurship Bootcamp, selected among 6000+ applicants, 1st place at the bootcamp's startup competition (2017)