Porträtt av Johanna Bylund framför ett grönt draperi

Johanna Bylund

Communications officer

I work as a communicator and project manager with responsibility for the billboards of KI News, the Staff Portal and the start page for ki.se. Contact news@ki.se with tips on events and news.

About me

I work with the start page for ki.se, and the billboards of the Staff Portal and KI News. I welcome tips on news and events to news@ki.se. I also work with developing and improving guidelines to clarify how we work with news.

As a project manager, I organized the inaugurations of Neo and Biomedicum in 2018 and work on the inauguration of ANA Futura during the spring 2019, as part of an especially resource-based project.

I have a background as coordinator in communication at Aging Research Center, Karolinska Institutet/Stockholm University (2013-2018) and coordinator of scientific programs for medical congresses at Congrex Sweden AB (2007-2013).


Bachelor’s degree in communications and public relations from the Mid Sweden University, Sundsvall, Sweden (2005).

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