Jon Lampa

Jon Lampa

Adjunct professor

About me

Adjunct Professor of Rheumatology at the Department of Medicine, Solna as of 1 February 2021. Primary position: Consultant/clinical manager at Karolinska University Hospital.

Research description

Jon Lampa is a rheumatologist who researches rheumatic pain. Despite new drugs and new means of retarding the course of the disease, around one fifth of patients suffer persistent pain that is difficult to treat and that profoundly impairs their quality of life. Lampa studies what causes this pain, the mechanisms behind it and how it could be prognosed and prevented. His research can also contribute to a more general understanding of chronic pain, such as that experienced in fibromyalgia.

Lampa’s research involves the analysis of blood and cerebrospinal fluid as well as functional MRI. He heads up a Nordic-European project on pain and fatigue in early rheumatoid arthritis (RA).

Lampa’s research group has recently identified in patients with RA biomarkers for an elevated risk of suffering chronic pain.