Joonas Kauppila

Affiliated to research

About me

I am a prior postdoc in professor Jesper Lagergren and an affiliated researcher in his group. Active collaboration with the group includes pan-Nordic studies in cancer, reflux disease, obesity and helicobacter pylori, but also teaching activities at KI.

I also hold a part-time (30%) tenured professorship in Clinical Epidemiology at University of Oulu, Finland, where I lead my own research group. Our key projects include the Finnish national FINEGO study focused on esophago-gastric cancer surgery and surgical pathology.

Research description

Research Group: Upper GI Surgery

My aim is to evaluate the epidemiology and the effects of different surgical approaches in esophago-gastric cancers to postoperative complications, long-term outcomes and health-related quality of life.

Over 100 publications, mainly focused on upper gastrointestinal cancers.

The 10 selected publications:

Gottlieb-Vedi E, Kauppila JH, Mattsson F, et al. Extent of Lymphadenectomy and Long-Term Survival in Esophageal Cancer. Ann Surg, In Press IF 13.0

Yanes M, Santoni G, Maret-Ouda J et al. Mortality, Reoperation, and Hospital Stay Within 90 Days of Primary and Secondary Antireflux Surgery in a Population-Based Multinational Study. Gastroenterology 2021; 160: 2283-2290. IF 22.7

Gottlieb-Vedi E, Kauppila JH, Mattsson F, et al. Long-term survival in esophageal cancer after minimally invasive compared to open esophagectomy. Ann Surg. In Press. IF 13.0

Kauppila JH, Santoni G, Tao W, et al. Risk Factors for Suicide After Bariatric Surgery in a Population-based Nationwide Study in Five Nordic Countries. Ann Surg. In Press IF 13.0

Kauppila JH, Santoni G, Tao W, et al. Re-intervention or mortality within 90 days of bariatric surgery in a population-based cohort study from the five Nordic countries. Brit J Surg, Accepted. IF 6.9

Kauppila JH, Tao W, Santoni G, et al. Effects of Obesity Surgery on Overall and Disease-Specific Mortality in a 5-Country Population-Based Study. Gastroenterology 2019; 157: 119-127. IF 22.7

Kauppila JH, Johar A, Lagergren P. Medical and Surgical Complications and Health-Related Quality of Life After Esophageal Cancer Surgery. Ann Surg 2021; 271: 502-508, 2020. IF 13.0

Kauppila JH, Johar A, Lagergren P. Postoperative Complications and Health-related Quality of Life 10 Years After Esophageal Cancer Surgery. Ann Surg 2020; 271: 311-316, 2020. IF 13.0

Gottlieb-Vedi E, Kauppila JH, Malietzis G, et al. Long-term survival after minimally invasive and open oesophagectomy for oesophageal cancer: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Ann Surg 2019; 270: 1005-1017. IF 13.0

Kauppila JH, Helminen O, Kytö V, et al. Short-term outcomes following minimally invasive and open esophagectomy: a population-based study from Finland and Sweden. Ann Surg Oncol 2018; 25: 326-332. IF 5.3

Teaching portfolio

Docent in 2015 and professor since 2021. Pedagogical studies for teachers (60 ECTS) in 2013. Teacher on various graduate- and postgraduate level courses on anatomy, pathology, clinical epidemiology and research methods since 2010.


MD: 2013, University of Oulu, Finland

PhD: 2014, University of Oulu, Finland


Academic honours, awards and prizes

Oulu Duodecim Prize of Young Researcher, 2015

Terttu Foundation, Researcher of the Year, 2021