Katalin Dobra Adjunct Professor/Senior Consultant in Molecular Pathology

Katalin Dobra

Professor/senior physician

About me

Adjunct Professor of Molecular Pathology at the Department of Laboratory Medicine as of 1 December 2020. Primary position: Consultant at Karolinska University Hospital.

Research description

Katalin Dobra is a pathologist who researches cancer of the lungs and pleurae – diseases that generally have a poor prognosis. Her research concerns both primary cancer and metastases. Dobra’s long-term goal is to help cancer patients obtain earlier and more accurate diagnoses and prognoses so that they can be given personalised treatment. Her research spans the map- ping of fundamental mechanisms of tumour growth to the development of new analytical methods and biomarkers.

Dobra has taken a particular interest in the protein syndecan 1, which, in being involved in cell division, is relevant to tumour growth. The protein is anchored to the cell membrane, but Dobra has made the surprising discovery that it is also found in the nucleus. She has also shown that soluble syndecan 1 in bodily fluids can be used as a biomarker for identifying aggressive tumours requiring more extensive treatment.