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About me

I am Associate Professor in medical education at the Unit for Medical Education, LIME. I have been working as an educational developer at Karolinska Institutet since 2001. After finishing my PhD 2007 with the title 'Learning across Paradigms - towards an understanding of the development of medical teaching practice', I have established a research group regarding Learning Environments and Educational Development (LEED).

Between 2012-2014 I was the director of the Unit for Medical Education (UME). I am a member of the prize committee for the international prize for research in medical education (PRIME) since 2010. I am also an affiliated researcher to the school of health sciences education (SHE) at Maastricht University. Since 2015 I work most of my time at the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CeUL) at Stockholm University, where I am an associate professor at the Department of Education.

Research description

Our research is focusing the environment in which students learn, and how this environment can be understood as well as the change agents involved in that environments: students, teaching staff and academic leaders. My research is action oriented in that the purpose for the research is that we should be able to act on the outcomes of the research to create better environments for learning. To achieve the goal of better educational environments, sometimes changes are needed at organisational level, which means that my perspective on change is based in systems theory and theories that promote a view that learning is situated.

Below is a list of on going and finalised research projects that I am involved in:

  • What signifies a strong clinical learning environment (SLL Alf pedagogik, 2010, 2012-2014, 2015-2017, Exam projects for Matilda Liljedahl, Niklas Tångring, Anna, Agnes)
  • Explorations of campus based learning environments (2011-2015, PhD project Per Palmgren)
  • Change facilitators in medical education (2014-2018, PhD project Cormac McGrath)
  • Enactment of educational policy in medical education (2009-2015, PhD project Linda Barman)
  • Explorations of academic leadership through multiple models (PhD project Teresa Söderhjelm, Masters project Radja Dawoud)
  • A realist review on initiatives to integrate basic science and clinical knowledge in medical education (BEME review 2012-2014)
  • Development of communities of practice around teaching and learning in medical education (PhD project 2007)


My bachelor degree was in sociology of organisations at Lund University after which I moved to Glasgow to finish an honours degree in sociology of education and cognitive psychology.

In 2007 I finished my PhD

In 2014 I became associate professor (docent) in medical education

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