Larissa Bastos

Larissa Bastos Palomino

PhD Student

About me

I’m currently working as a cardiac sonographer and working with cardiac MRI examinations in the department of clinical physiology and cardiology at Danderyds Hospital.




Research description

I’m a doctoral student in the Department of Clinical Sciences at KIDS. 

The aim of my doctoral thesis is to study structural and functional changes with echocardiography in atrial fibrillation patients as a part of the StrokeStop2- study. We are also investigating if there are any echocardiographic parameters that can predict permanent atrial fibrillation.


I graduated with a Bachelor degree as a biomedical scientist in clinical physiology at Karolinska Institute 2010. Shortly after I started to work with echocardiography, cardiac MRI and ECG examinations. Later in 2018 I graduated with a Masters degree in Medical Science at Örebro University.