Lina Lundström

PhD student

About me

I am a PhD student in Christian Rücks research group. Our research group is specialized in OCD and related disorders.

I am interested in how we can make psychological treatments effective and targeted so we can reach out to more people that suffer from psychiatric illnesses.

Main supervisor: Christian Rück

Co-supervisors: David Mataix-Cols and Erik Andersson

Research description

In my research project I compare internet CBT (ICBT) with regular face-to-face (f2f) CBT for OCD in adults. The study has three treatment groups: Guided ICBT, unguided ICBT and f2f CBT.

In the study I want to investigate:

- If ICBT is non-inferior to f2f CBT for OCD in adults - If the degree of support (guided or unguided) ICBT effect treatment outcome - How cost-effective each treatment is - If type of referral (self-referral or clinical referral) effects treatment outcome - If there are predictors or moderators of treatment outcome

Teaching portfolio

I have been teaching at the medical program, occupational therapist program and psychology program at KI. I have hold presentations about OCD and related disorders at other health care institutions and at patient organizations.