Profilporträtt föreställande Linda Nilsson

Linda Nilsson

Communications officer

On parental leave until summer of 2022.
Internal consultant with assignment as communicator at MTC, FYFA, FM and Biomedicum.

About me

I am on parental leave until the summer of 2022. Please contact Sara Lidman for any questions regarding communication support in any of my assignments.

I work as a communicator in the communication consultants team at KI. I have four different assignments:

If you are a employee at any of the departments above, you're welcome to contact me regarding communication related questions. Questions such as:

  • Consulting and planning of project communication.
  • Updating/developing of web pages. New as well as existing pages.
  • Publishing news articles.
  • Review of texts.
  • Production of graphic material; such as brochures and posters.


Medie- och kommunikationsvetenskap, strategisk inriktning (Umeå Universitet).