MD, PhD, docent at Karolinska Institutet, senior consultant at Karolinska University Hospital

Malin Holzmann

Adjunct lecturer

My research concerns mainly electronic fetal surveillance during pregnancy and labor. My current project involves computerized cardiotocography in collaboration with researchers at KTH.

About me

I am an obstetrician an a researcher at Dep Women's and Children's Health (KBH), KI. I work as a senior consultant at the delivery unit at Karolinska University Hospital, Stockholm.

Research description

I defended my thesis "Lactate as an early marker of intrapartum fetal hypoxia" in 2014, and I currently supervise two doctoral students.

My main research field is electronic fetal surveillance both during pregnancy and labor. My current project concerns computerized cardiotocography (cCTG) in collaboration with researchers at the Royal School of Technology (KTH).

One part of the project investigates the potential to identify signs of infection after preterm prelabor rupture of membranes (PPROM) with cCTG. Another part investigates whether cCTG can improve the objectivity and reliability of intrapartum fetal surveillance in terms of early detection of fetal hypoxia.

Teaching portfolio

2009 - Clinical teacher in Obstetrics for medicine students, KI

2011 - Part of course leadership for medicine students, KI

2015 - Invited speaker at courses for midwives and obstetricians in fetal surveillance

2017 - Course leader and examinator for medicine students, KI

2017 - Course leader for annual course in fetal surveillance for residents in Ob Gyn

2018-2020 Study director for Research School for Clinicians in Epidemiology at KI


1989 Natural science, Bromans gymnasium Hudiksvall

1996 Medical degree at Karolinska Institutet

2008 Specialist in Ob Gyn

2014 PhD in Medical Science at KI

2019 Course Teaching and Learning in Higher Education