Maria Åbonde Garke

PhD Student

About me

I am a PhD student at the Centre for Psychiatric Research (with a background as a lic. psychologist). My main research focus is emotion regulation as a transdiagnostic construct across psychiatric disorders.

Main supervisor: Nitya Jayaram-Lindström, PhD

Co-supervisors: Clara Hellner, MD, PhD; Karolina Sörman, PhD; Rajita Sinha, PhD

Research description

Alternate approaches within psychiatric research have sailed up as competitors to the prevailing system of diagnostic classification known as the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM). Recent initiatives, such as the Research Domain Criteria (RDoC), are promoting a focus on processes at different levels of measurement, both inside and outside the individual, that could help us understand how the symptoms that we associate with mental illness come about.

Emotion regulation holds promise as a construct of importance for our understanding and treatment of several different psychiatric disorders, such as substance abuse and eating disorders. However, research is lacking with regards to the role of dysfunctional emotion regulation strategies in individuals with varying problem behaviors and varying levels of symptoms, as well as the role of behavior in regulating emotional experiences.

We aim to expand the knowledge of the role of emotion regulation across different types of problem behaviors associated with different psychiatric disorders (i.e. transdiagnostically), as well the role of emotion regulation in behavior therapy. We want to understand if dysfunctional emotion regulation could serve as an informative assessment tool and effective treatment target.


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