Maria Pernemalm

Principal researcher

About me

The main focus of my research is method development for mass spectrometry based proteomics analysis of biological fluids. I have worked extensively with method development for plasma proteomics, in particular in relation to lung cancer.


2009 PhD KI, Dept. Oncology Pathology

2010-2011 KI, Dept. Oncology Pathology, Post Doc 

2011-2012 Scilifelab/KI/Dept. Oncology Pathology, Post Doc 

2012-2013 The University of Manchester, Stem cell & leukemia proteomics lab, Post Doc 

2013-2014 Scilifelab/KI/Dept. Oncology Pathology, Post Doc

2014- Scilifelab/KI/Dept. Oncology Pathology, Assistant professor