About me

Maria is working as a database manager within the the National E-infrastructure for Aging Research (NEAR). NEAR-project coordinates the existing databases from major population-based longitudinal studies on aging and health in Sweden. The aims of NEAR are to promote and facilitate aging research in Sweden, to increase international exchange and collaboration, and to enhance research quality and generalizability of research findings. The ultimate goal is to identify effective and sustainable intervention strategies for better health and more effective care of elderly populations. For more information, see http://near-aging.se

Maria also work as Data Manager for the Kungsholmen Project and the SNAC-K project since 1997 and 2001 respectively.

Maria is the safety representative at ARC and a member of the working environment group at the Department of Neurobiology, Care Science and Society, KI.


Maria has a Master of Science degree in Statistics from Linköping University.