Natalie Holowko

Affiliated to research

Epidemiologist affiliated to research within Prof. Kamila Czene's breast cancer epidemiology group.

About me

Natalie is an epidemiologist whose research career to date falls under the overarching theme of women’s health, including: social inequalities in health, social determinants of health, life course epidemiology, reproductive epidemiology and cancer epidemiology. She is experienced in data management and contemporary epidemiological methods for data analysis, including extensive use of Swedish register data and longitudinal data sets.


2016: Doctor of Philosophy 

Epidemiology and Biostatistics Division , School of Public Health

The University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia)

Supervisors: Prof. Gita Mishra, Prof.Dr. Ilona Koupil, Assoc. Prof Leigh Tooth, Dr. Mark Jones

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