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Renzo Lanfranco

Postdoctoral researcher

About me

I am a postdoctoral research fellow in cognitive neuroscience at the Brain, Body, and Self Laboratory (Group Ehrsson), in the department of neuroscience. My line of research in the lab explores the relationship between conscious awareness, body ownership, and multisensory integration using behavioural, psychophysical, and neuroimaging techniques.

Research description

My general research interest revolves around understanding the function of consciousness in cognition. Our senses are constantly bombarded with information from the outside world and from within our own bodies. Some pieces of information gain access to awareness whereas others are processed unconsciously. What do we need this conscious access for? How do neural mechanisms promote sensory information into conscious awareness? More specifically, I study the computational and neural mechanisms of complex perceptual processes. One complex perceptual process I am interested in is face processing, that is, the perceptual processes that allow us to detect and recognise faces and their different attributes such as emotional expressions, gender, and eye-gaze movements, all attributes that are key for social interaction. Another complex perceptual process I am interested in is the feeling of body ownership, that is, the perceptual processes that allow us to detect internal bodily signals, recognise them as our own body's, and experience the feeling that such a body belongs to us. To study these psychological phenomena, I use psychophysics, computational modelling, psychophysiology, electroencephalography, and machine learning techniques. In addition, I am interested in the neurocognitive underpinnings of hypnosis and in the contribution of hypnosis research to the understanding of consciousness, metacognition, and perception. Finally, I am interested in the clinical applications of consciousness and perception research to understanding neuropsychiatric disorders that involve difficulties in face and social perception (e.g., autism) and in body ownership and bodily awareness (e.g., schizophrenia and eating disorders).



In Preparation:

  • Lanfranco RC., Sousa FdS., Wessel PM., Rivera-Rei A., Bekinschtein T., Lucero B., Canales-Johnson A., Huepe D. "Delta-band connectivity predicts executive functioning in socially vulnerable individuals."
  • Lanfranco RC., Chancel M., Ehrsson HH. "Dissecting the rubber hand illusion: Texture congruence between observed and felt touch modulates body ownership through perceptual bias."
  • Lanfranco RC., Chancel M., Ehrsson HH. "Multisensory predictions introduce perceptual biases in the rubber hand illusion."
  • Lanfranco RC., Canales-Johnson A., Rabagliati H., Cleeremans A., Carmel D. "Decoding emotion processing of unmasked briefly presented facial expressions."

Submitted/Under review:

  • Tsikandilakis M., Bali P., Lanfranco RC., Kausel L., Yu Z., Boncompte G., Alshammari A., Li R., Milbank A., Burdett M., Mevel P-A., Madan C., Derrfuss J. (Under Review) "Learning emotional dialects: A British population study of cross-cultural communication." Preprint:
  • Lanfranco RC., Canales-Johnson A., Rabagliati H., Cleeremans A.*, Carmel D*. (Under Review) "Minimal exposures reveal visual processing priorities." Preprint:
  • Lanfranco RC., Martínez-Aguayo JC., Arancibia M. (Under Review) "Assessing malingering and personality styles in dissociative identity disorder: A case report and literature review." Preprint

Journal Articles:



  • Lanfranco RC., Stein T., Rabagliati H., Carmel D. (2022) "Gaze direction and face orientation modulate perceptual sensitivity to faces under interocular suppression." Scientific Reports
  • Lanfranco RC., Canales-Johnson A., Lucero B., Vargas E., Noreika V. (2022) "Towards a view from within: The contribution of Francisco Varela to the study of consciousness." Adaptive Behavior


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2019 and older

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Book Chapters:

  • Lanfranco R. (2017) ["Neuropsychological assessment of psychiatric disorders."] In: Ivanovic-Zuvic F., Correa E., Florenzano R. (Eds.) Texto de Psiquiatría. Ediciones: Sociedad de Neurología, Psiquiatría y Neurocirugía. Santiago, Chile.


  • Ph.D. in Psychology (Human Cognitive Neuroscience) - University of Edinburgh, United Kingdom (2020)
  • Other degrees/titles: MSc in Neuroscience; BSc (Hons) in Psychology; Professional Title of Psychologist (MPsych); PG Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.