About me

As a physician, I worked 3 years in projects aimed at improving child and adolescent health in Bangladesh. Following my Master degree in Public Health Sciences (Epidemiology) in 2016 at Karolinska Institutet, I joined Ellenor Mittendorfer-Rutz’ research group (MENTE- Mental Health and Social Integration) as a doctoral (PhD) student in 2017. My projects aim at investigating the associations between migration status, social marginalisation and suicidal behaviour, with a specific focus on refugees.

Research description

Peer-reviewed articles are presented in the section on publications.

Other publications:

1. Bjorkenstam E, Amin R, Mittendorfer-Rutz E. Suicidal behaviour and care - differences between refugees, other migrants and people born in Sweden (in Swedish). Delmi Policy Brief 2019:9. Available at: https://www.delmi.se/publikationer/policy-brief-2019-9-suicidalt-beteende-och-vard/

2. Mittendorfer-Rutz E, Amin R, Niederkrotenthaler T, Björkenstam E, Helgesson M, Qin P, Runeson B, Tinghög P, Mehlum L. Mental ill-health and suicidal behaviour in asylum seekers and refugees during the COVID-19 pandemic. Suicidologi. 2020;25(1).


3. Amin R, Mittendorfer-Rutz E, Mehlum L, Runeson B, Helgesson M, Tinghög P, Björkenstam E, Holmes EA, Qin P. Does country of resettlement influence the risk of suicide in refugees? A case-control study in Sweden and Norway. Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences. 2021;30, E62. doi:10.1017/S2045796021000512

4. Helgesson M, Rahman S, Björkenstam E, Gustafsson K, Amin R, Taipale H, Taskanen A, Eskelius L, Mittendorfer-Rutz E. Trajectories of labour market marginalisation among young adults with newly diagnosed attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Epidemiology and Psychiatric Sciences. 2021;30, E67. doi:10.1017/S2045796021000536

Academic honours, awards and prizes

Swedish Institute Study Scholarship Category I (2014-2016)

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