Rozbeh Jafari


Research description

We are using and combining state of the art omics methods to obtain detailed pictures of the molecular phenotype of childhood acute lymphoblastic leukemia. One fundamental question we currently are trying to address is how cancer genome aberrations influence the functional proteome by combining genomics with proteomics data. This emerging field is known as cancer proteogenomics. In addition to quantitative proteomics we are adding an additional layer of information by capturing the biophysical state of the proteome regardless of its abundance. We are also investigating the target landscape of current and emerging targeted therapeutics using orthogonal chemical proteomics approaches in order to understand their mechanism of action as well as their potential toxicities

Academic honours, awards and prizes

External funding

Swedish Childhood Cancer Foundation, Swedish Research Council, Karolinska Institutets Foundations, Cancer Research Foundations of Radiumhemmet, Magnus Bergvalls Stiftelse, Dr Åke Olsson Foundation for Hematological Research.

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