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Shervin Shahnavaz


PhD, psychologist, psychotherapist


About me

Shervin Shahnavaz, Ph.D., Clinical Psychologist, and Psychotherapist at the Centre for Psychiatry Research and Centre for Education & Research at Karolinska Institutet (KI) and Region Stockholm. His research focus is on transcultural aspects of psychotherapy and developing digital interventions for vulnerable migrant groups in society. He organizes courses and teaches subjects such as Cognitive behavior therapy for PTSD, transcultural psychotherapy, global mental health, and psychological aspects of sustainability. He is also Vice-Chairman of the Council for Environment and Sustainable development at KI and involved in the design and implementation of sustainability strategies at KI.

Research description


Shahnavaz S, Hedman-Lagerlöf E, Hasselblad T, Reuterskiöld L, Kaldo V, Dahllöf G Internet-Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children and Adolescents With Dental Anxiety: Open Trial (fulltext) J Med Internet Res 2018;20(1):e12

Shahnavaz, S; Hedman, Erik; Grindefjord, Margaret; Reuterskiöld, L; Dahllöf, G (2016). Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children with Dental Anxiety – A Randomized Controlled Trial. (fulltext) Open access. JDR Clinical & Translational Research, JDR Transl Clin Resarch. 2016;(October):1–10. 

Shahnavaz S, Rutley S, Larsson K, Dahllöf G. 2015. Children and parents’ experiences of cognitive behavioral therapy for dental anxiety* - a qualitative study. Int. J. Paediatr. Dent. 25(5):317–326. PMID: 26147012.

Shahnavaz, S. Ekblad, S. (2007). Understanding the Culturally Diverse in Psychiatry Rather than Being Culturally Competent - a Preliminary Report of Swedish Psychiatric Teams' Views on Transcultural Competence. International Journal of Migration, Health and Social Care. volume 3 issue 4 december. 14-31

Ekblad, S. Shahnavaz, S. 2004. Trauma, postmigrationsstress och suicidala tankar hos asylsökande.  Suicidologi 2004, vol. 9, nr. 1.19-23

Bok: Tandvårdspsykologi. Shahnavaz Shervin (2012). Lund: Studentlitteratur.  

Link to my doctoral thesis: Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Children and Adolescents with Dental Phobia