Research description

I am a research engineer working in BIC imaging facility. I develop new 3D imaging techniques using tissue clearing and light sheet microscopy.


Major publication of method development

Three-dimensional single-cell imaging for the analysis of RNA and protein expression in intact tumour biopsies. *Tanaka N, *Kanatani S, *Kaczynska D, Fukumoto K, Louhivuori L, Mizutani T, et al Nat Biomed Eng 2020 Jun;(): * co-first author

Whole-tissue biopsy phenotyping of three-dimensional tumours reveals patterns of cancer heterogeneity. *Tanaka N, *Kanatani S, Tomer R, Sahlgren C, Kronqvist P, Kaczynska D, et al Nat Biomed Eng 2017 Oct;1(10):796-806 * co-first author