Soo Aleman

Soo Aleman

Adjunct professor

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MD, PhD, Associate Professor

Research description

Our research focus on viral hepatitis B, C and D infections with clinical and translational studies. Currently, also research about COVID-19 has been in focus, with role as national coordinator for WHO trial SOLIDARITY, national principal investigator for other randomized controlled trials and cohort studies of COVID-19 patients. The research includes observational cohort studies, experimental research, epidemiological studies and clinical trials. 

We have extensive collaborations on national and international level. Our research partners are the Divisions of Clinical Pharmacology and Virology in the Department of Laboratory Medicine, the Department of Pathology, the Department of Clinical Science, Intervention and Technology, the Department of Women´s and Children´s Health at KI, the Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine, Linköping University, the Department of Medical Science, Örebro University, pharmacological companies etcetera. Internationally, we have initiated a multicenter study with collaborators from Europe, USA and Canada. We have also collaboration with Harvard University regarding epidemiological studies, and participate in global networks for research on viral hepatitis. 

Group leader: Soo Aleman, MD, PhD, Assoc prof. Group Leader. MD. Educated and obtained PhD at Karolinska Institutet. Associate professor since 2012. Research focus on cohort, epidemiological and translational studies of viral hepatitis induced liver cancer and the effect of antiviral treatment. E-mail:

Group members: Karin Lindahl, MD, PhD, senior physician. E-mail:

Robert Schvarcz, MD, PhD, Assoc prof, senior physician.  E-mail:

Christer Lidman, MD, PhD, Assoc prof, senior physician.  E-mail:

Karolin Falconer, MD, PhD, senior physician. E-mail:

PhD-students/research students Caroline Gahrton, MD, senior consultant, research student. Main supervisor Soo Aleman, co-supervisors Karin Lindahl. Ann-Sofi Duberg, Olav Dalgard.  E-mail:

Habiba Khodir, MD, research student. Main supervisor Soo Aleman, co-supervisors Ann-Sofi Duberg, Per Stål, Heiner Wedemeyer.   E-mail: