About me

Magister of philosophy in mathematics, philosophy, statistics and physics from University of Stockholm 1971. PhD in electronics from the Physics department, University of Stockholm 1984. Scientist and project manager at Center for Dental Technology and Biomaterials (later named Center for Oral Biology), Karolinska Institutet 1986-1999. Associate Professor in Medical engineering at Karolinska Institutet since 1997. Several patents related to medical applications of physics and measurement technology. Founded a company 1998 with focus on skin alterations, in particular skin cancer www.scibase.se, CEO first 7 years, now scientific advisor. Member of the International Committee for Electrical Bio-Impedance since 1992. Senior Member of the IEEE since 2004. Faculty opponent or member of examination committee for PhD examina in Sweden, Norway, Finland, Estonia, and Australia. Referee for several international scientific journals. Expert examiner for academic positions in Sweden and USA. Examiner for grant providers in Sweden and Norway

Research description

Research interest Bioelectrical phenomena, quantification and classification of tissue alterations e.g. cancers of skin and mucous membranes, non-invasive measurement methods, biological rhythms, transducers, inter disciplinary science. Multi center study with a new technology for skin cancer detection ongoing. Evaluation of new technologies aiming at non-invasive determination of blood glucose ongoing.


Teaching interest Lectured, developed training courses and study material, supervised, and examined in electronics (analogue electronics, digital electronics, measurement technology, transducers, circuit theory, signal processing) at Stockholm University 1972-1987. In charge of an advanced course in Medical measurements and signal processing at Karolinska Institutet since 1995 (students mainly from the Royal Institute of Technology KTH Stockholm). Teach medical measurements, transducer technology, theory of science and ethics in medical research on various courses within Karolinska Institutet, KTH, and University of Southern Stockholm. Strong interest in scientific history, scientific evolution, limitations of science, as well as foundations and principles of ethics from a philosophical point of view. Supervisor for a number of PhD-students and diploma workers at University of Stockholm, Karolinska Institutet and Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm 5 have so far successfully defended their PhD-theses, 2 were content with the licentiate degree (between MSc and PhD).