Tony Pansell

Tony Pansell

Senior lecturer/optician

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About me

Combination employment (kombinationsanställning) as Associate professor and research group leader at Marianne Bernadotte Centrum, Karolinska Institutet and optometrist at the Neuro-ophthalmology department at St Erik Eye Hospital.

Research description

The theme of my research is vision physiology and eye movement control. I use eye movements as a method to understand how the brain works in health and how vision is affected by a brain injury. The projects listed below focus on:

1) description of the typical eye movement response to head movements (vestibular) and visual motion (vision) in healthy individuals.

2) description of visual vertigo (hypersensitivity to the visual motion of the visual field) by analyzing the typical eye movement response to visual motion stimulation in the healthy person. The studies will continue on patients suffering from visual vertigo with a start in 2020. 

3) map the neural mechanisms for how visual and vestibular stimulation are integrated at the brainstem level. This project takes place in collaboration with the Sten Grillner laboratories at the Department of Neurology, KI.

4) how we by vision rehabilitation of brain-injured patients can regain visual functions lost to return to school and work. These projects take place in collaboration with Rehabilitation Medicine for Brain Injuries at Danderyd Hospital.