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Universitetslektor, docent, övertandläkare

Xie Qi Shi

Research description

Accurate diagnosis is essential to ensure the most effective treatment for patients in dentistry. Among all diagnostic tools the X-ray examination is the method most often for diagnosing hard tissue changes in dental clinics. My research focuses on a variety of topics in the field of oral maxillofacial radiology from physical properties of digital radiographic systems, image processing methods to assessment of image quality and diagnostic performance of different image modalities.

Academic honours, awards and prizes

  • Best clinical lecture award. XV SIDO (Societa Italiana di Ortodonzia) Congress. 1999. “Orthodontic application of color image addition to visualize differences between sequential radiographs”.
  • Basil Bibby Young Investigator Award in Cariology, 2001. International Association of Dental Research.
  • Young researcher award 2005. The foundation of Swedish patent revenue fund for research in preventive odontology.
  • Tandläkare Marie Lundströms resestipendium. 2009. Kvinnliga Tandläkareklubben.
  • Stipendiefonden Sigrid de Verdiers minne. 2009.  Kvinnliga Tandläkareklubben.
  • Stipendium från American Dental Society of Sweden (ADSS) forskningsfond, 2013.
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