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Anita McAllister

Senior lecturer/speech and language pathologist

About me

Speech and language pathologist since 1985, PhD at Karolinska Institutet (KI) 1997 within voice function and voice disorders in children. Between 2003-2013 senior lecturer at, Linköping University. Started and was in charge of the speech and language pathology (SLP) program there between 2003 and 2011. Associate professor in speech and language pathology at Linköping University in 2008, transferred to KI in 2014. Chair person in the program committee for speech and language pathology and audiology educations (PN4) at KI between August 2013 and December 2015. Main areas of interest are voice and speech disorders in children including apraxia of speech and oral sensorimotor dysfunctions.

Clinically I have worked primarily with children with voice, speech and oral sensorimotor disorders.

Research description

Research areas

My research interest is quite broad but focus on description, assessment and effects of oral sensorimotor and speech disorders and environmental factors related to voice and communication disorders. Both areas focus on children.

Aims of current projects

  • Describe preschool teachers and children’s opinion and knowledge on sound, noise, voice and communication through focus group interviews
  • Develop an educational material for preschool teachers and children about sound, noise, voice and communication based on the results from the interviews
  • Investigate respiratory and voice function in individuals with cervical spinal cord injuries  
  • Develop assessment protocols for children with orofacial disorders and childhood apraxia of speech (CAS)
  • Evaluate interventions for children with motor based speech disorders and CAS  


National and international co-operations

  • Nordplus Horizontal 2012- HZ 2012_1a-30063 "How does it work? Voice, speech and communication in cooperation with Valdís Jónsdóttir, University of Akureyri and Leena Rantala, Tampere University.
  • The Nordic Orofacial Test (NOT-S) for assessment of orofacial functions  in cooperation with Merete Bakke, University of Copenhagen, Pamela Åsten, Tako-center, Oslo, Birgitta Bergendal, National Oral Disability Centre for Rare Disorders and Lotta Sjögreen, Mun-H-Center Sweden.
  • Acoustic and physiological aspects of kulning in cooperation with Robert Eklund, Linköping University, Anna-Maria Laukkanen, Tampere University, Ahmed Geneid, Helsingfors University Hospital, Fanny Pehrson, Mora.
  • Contributes to the yearly reports in a national quality registry, HabQ,   
  • Respiration and voice function in individuals with cervical spinal cord injuries in cooperation with Kerstin Johansson, Karolinska University Hospital


Teaching areas

Course coordinator for several courses within voice, speech and communication disorders on the SLP program. Semester coordinator for semester four and five.

Supervise master and PhD thesis work. Main supervisor for SLP’s Susanne Rex, Åsa Mogren and Lovisa Femrell, co-supervisor for SLP Ann Malmenholt.

Also interested in pedagogical matters pertaining to improved learning with a special interest in interprofessional learning (IPL).

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