Dimitra Vasileiadi

Project coordinator

About me

Dimitra Vasileiadi, M.Sc., works as a Research Administrator/Coordinator and Personal Assistant in Sten Eirik's Jacobsen Group at HERM and CMB. She plays an administrative role, not only in supporting Prof. Sten Eirik W. Jacobsen's research group and organizing meetings etc. for the labs, but also get involved in procurement and purchasing of equipment and reagents etc. She also supports the lab managers and scientists with administrative matters, so that they can focus on responsibilities relating to the lab and research projects. The idea is that her presence and assistance frees up time for all group researchers to more effectively pursue their research projects.

Research description

Her Master Thesis was about: "To fail or not to fail: Effects of successful and failed internationalization on Swedish SME's knowledge and behavior".


Master in Business Administration, Master Program of Marketing and Management, Mid Sweden University, Sweden. 

Academic honours, awards and prizes

International Conference paper :

Vasileiadi, D., Lundberg, H., Johanson, M., Papaioannou, S. (2014) “Failure and success in the internationalization of SMEs”, 40th Annual Conference of European International Business Academy (EIBA), Uppsala, Sweden, December 11th-13th.

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