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Marion Lieberman


About me

Since 2002 I am employed as junior lecturer and course administrator at the department of Speech and Language Pathology at Karolinska Institutet. The employment is combined with clinical work within the field of young children with language disorders. Received a Bachelor Degree Speech and Language Pathology in 1993 and a Swedish Master degree (magister) in 2002 at Karolinska Institutet. During the period 1993-2002 I was employed by a health care clinic for children (BVC) as a speech and language pathologist. My clinical interest has focused on early intervention and supporting parents of children with language disorders.

Research description

Research interest

My master thesis (in Swedish magister) included an evaluation of the efficacy of program (The Hanen Parent Program) to help parents of children with severe language disorders stimulate their childs communication and language.

The master thesis contained a validation of an observation form for babbling and early articulation.


Teaching interests

Coordinator of the course Language Disorders in Children where I also give lectures and supervise clinical practice. Responsibility for the course Child observation that lasts from term two to seven. Another field of interest is the internationalization of our study programme, facilitating both student- and teacher exchanges and bringing international aspects into the programme.

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