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Naima Kayser Leeoza

I am a passionate and enthusiastic person with a career goal of genetic and epidemiological research.

Naima Kayser Leeoza

Affiliated to teaching/tutoring

I am a passionate and enthusiastic person with a career goal of genetic and epidemiological research.

Department and organisational affiliation:

About me

My intellectual curiosity about health and my passion for medical research is what led me to do entirely research-based graduations. However, my interest in public health research is long-standing. Both my graduation and post-graduation involved training in handling and analysing large-scale registry dataset using statistical software, result interpretation and presenting the work in oral and written form.

My masters in particular gave me the opportunity to be familiarized to Swedish public health research and registry, working environment, and research ethics and taught me the importance of coordination and quality maintenance of scientific research.

Research description

Currently, I am affiliated to a research position to write funding application, analysing datasets and writing scientific articles within the area of public health epidemiology, with specialization in mental health as an outcome.

I am working towards a paper titled "Self-harm tendency among young adults in Stockholm” with an aim to publish in a scientific research journal. Alongside, I am also writing a research funding application for a research initially titled as “Social factors and mental health among adolescents in Stockholm County — labour market consequences in young adulthood”.


Masters in Medical science: Karolinska Institute, Solna

Main concentration: Public Health Epidemiology.

Bachelor in Medical Genetics, Queen Mary University of London

Main concentration:  Clinical and Molecular Genetics.

Other Areas: Molecular Biology (Especially Molecular Genetics), Microbiology and Developmental Biology, Immunology and Cancer Biology.

Academic honours, awards and prizes

1. Science and Engineering Excellence Scholarship (Undergraduate Studies), 2009-2012, University Of London, United Kingdom.

2. Swedish Institute Study Scholarship (Masters Studies), 2013-2015, Karolinska Institutet ,Sweden

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