About me

Shireen Sindi, PhD is Assistant Professor at Karolinska Institute (Sweden), Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS), Division of Clinical Geriatrics. She completed her former studies at McGill University (Canada), with a Bachelor’s degree in psychology, and a doctoral degree at McGill’s Integrated Program in Neuroscience.

Research description

Her research focuses on risk factors for cognitive decline and dementia, including stress, sleep and biological markers, with evidence from normal ageing to Alzheimer’s disease. More recently she developed an expertise on dementia lifestyle preventive interventions, and published on the underlying biological mechanisms (telomere length) in a multidomain lifestyle intervention (the FINGER trial). She has established and leads the following projects: 1)Multi-Center Sleep Study. 2) The Microbiome-Gut-Brain Axis in Prodromal Alzheimer's disease study. 

She is also scientific & research coordinator for: 1) Multimodal preventive trials for Alzheimer's Disease (MIND-AD); 2) Multimodal strategies to promote a healthy brain in aging: Innovative evidence-based tools (EIT-Health MULTI-MODE); 3) Cortisol & Stress in Alzheimer’s disease (Co-STAR) projects.

She is also actively involved in supervision, teaching & several academic activities. She is Assistant Professors Representative at the NVS Department Council and Junior Faculty Representative at the KI Faculty Council. She is also Vice Chair within KI Junior Faculty, and Leader of the Junior Faculty Mentorship Program.

Selected publications:

1. Sindi S, Darin-Mattsson, A, Kåreholt, I, Kulmala, J, Ngandu, T, Laatikainen, T, Soininen, H, Kivipelto, M. Midlife improvements in financial situation are associated with a reduced dementia risk later in life: The C AIDE 30-Year Study. International Psychogeriatrics 2019, 1-8.

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