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Foto by Stefan Zimmerman

Ulrica Nilsson


About me

I am Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in the subject area of Carin Sciences, esp. Nursing Science (2003), an Associate Professor in Perioperative Nursing (2009) and a Professor in Nursing 2012-2018 at Örebro University.

Since 2018 I am a Professor of Nursing  at Karolinska Insitute in combination with a clinical position as University nurse/ specialist nurse at Perioperative Medicine and Intensive Care, Karolinska Univeristy Hospital. 

Research description

Research area: postoperative care and recovery.

RAPP 1.0 - Recovery Assessment by Phone Points. RAPP is digital monitoring system including web administrator interface and a smartphone application (app) where the patient’s own mobile phone is used. The app includes Swedish web-version of Quality of Recovery (SwQoR) questionnaire that enables patients to report postoperative symptoms and at home as well as a and a function that allows the patient to get in contact with the healthcare. NCT02492191  

RAPP 2.0 - a digital solutions for equal access and quality of postoperative care  Further development of RAPP 1.0 with the aim to study postoperative recovery and unplanned care contacts between non-Swedish speaking Arabian and Somali patients compared to Swedish-speaking patients in the use of RAPP, and to study if there is a connection between e-health and postoperative recovery and and possible between-group differences

SEHLO - Self-efficacy and health literacy impact on outcome after bariatric surgery.  The project aims to study health literacy, self-efficacy and registry data from the Scandinavian Obesity Surgery Registry (SOReg) in a group of people who have undergone bariatric surgery

CoMIT - Cognitive Measurement by IT  This project aims to develop and evaluate patient-operated and user friendly cognitive test tool to be implemented in routine practice and to explore the association between postoperative cognitive function, postoperative recovery and eHealth literacy

COME-Cognitive Measurements and Experiences. Patients experiences of early postoperative cognition and its relation to cognitive decline and inflammatory responses

StEP - Standardizing Endpoints in Perioperative Trials. An international research collaboration aimed at developing standard endpoints after anesthesia. 

Defining the role and competence of the nurse working at the PACU. This project is an international and national collaboration with the aim to describe and compare the role and competence of the nurse working at the PACU both from a national as well as an international perspective.

Postoperative Recovery. This project aims to define postoperative recovery from the perspective of patients. Different qualitative methods will be used such as individual interviews and  metasynthesis..


Teaching portfolio

I have more than 10 years of experience of being examiner for all Clinical and theoretical Courses in Nursing Science, Anaesthetic Nursing in Specialist Nursing Programme - Anaesthesia Care. Five years of experience of being examiner for Nursing Science, Degree Project (Examensarbete – Magister), advanced level. As well as experience of being examiner for other Nursing courser on advanced level such as courses in hygiene. 

I have been the Director of the, Doctoral Programme in Healthcare Sciences School of Medical Sciences, Örebro university for three years.


Registered Nurse, 1980, Karlstad University

Graduate diploma in specialist nursing anaesthesia care, RNA, 1985, University Vest

PhD in Nursing, 2003, Linköping University

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