Educators' network on Teams

Do you have tips or experiences you’d like to share, or would you perhaps to hear about the experiences of others in your teaching? Share and learn, discuss and collaborate together with your peers in the educators' network in Teams.

Communication and ideas
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We have created the team in Teams with the name “Pedagogiskt nätverk” (Pedagogical network) where we hope you will find new collaborations and get both tips and inspiration from others which you can use in your work.


This educators' network in always open. You are always welcome to post, ask questions and comment on other people’s posts. We will present activities tied to the network. It could be chat-sessions within a certain area, or streamed content which we discuss.

Who can use the team? 

Our aim is to provide access to the team to all those with an educational assignment at KI. As it stands, because of technical restrictions, the team is only available for those with a KI account. Discussions are only visible for users who are logged in.

Language policy

You can write posts in both Swedish and English, but if you want the widest possible audience to be able to understand your post, it is best to write in English.

There is a good translation system built into Teams (click on the ··· symbol on the message you want to translate, and then on Translate).

How do I find Teams?

You can log in via the link to Office 365 on Office 365 for staff. When you have logged in, you will see the Teams icon among your other Office 365 services.

How Teams is shown in the Office 365 menu

How do I join the team?

There are two ways:

  • If you are already logged into Teams, you can click on Join or create a team (on Mac or PC this is at the bottom right-hand side of the screen). If you hover the mouse pointer over GRP_Pedagogiskt nätverk, you could be able to join the team.
  • Use the direct link to the team. Note that if you are not already logged in, you will first need to log in.
  • If this doesn't work, you can send an email to this address and ask for access.

Once you have registered on the team, it will always be shown among your teams.

What is Teams? How do I use it? 

Teams is a part of Microsoft’s Office 365 package and can be used as a platform for asynchonous discussion and collaboration. You can read more about Teams on ITA's page about Teams. If you would like to use Microsoft’s own introduction to the service, you can watch Microsoft Teams video training.

MedEd Lab

MedEd Lab is an web based series of seminars from the Unit of teaching and learning for educators at Karolinska Institutet. We want to connect to discuss our education. From the nuts and bolts of the everyday teaching to the educational theory, the on-site practices and what medical education can tell us. 

There will be approximately one seminar per month and the upcoming subject will be announced at Continuous learning, as well as the Teaching and Learning calendar.

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