FAQ on the personal data process registration

Here you find responses to common questions on personal data process registrations according with the GDPR. If you can't find the answer to your question, please email dataskyddsombud@ki.se

Is the system to register processing activities at KI only available in Swedish?

Yes, at the moment the it is only available in Swedish since the current solution (registeranmalan.ki.se) is set up in order to collect the personal data processing performed at KI. Due to time limits, the system is not yet available in English. There are however instructions in English, which the GDPR-project developed as a temporary solution.
The current system support will be evaluated and, if necessary, a new system support will be developed or purchased to create a more long-term solution.

Should every individual spreadsheet that contains personal data be registered?

The registration should be done for different types processing activity concerning personal data. For spreadsheets and other types of documents that are available in many versions and that are similar to each other can in most cases be seen as one processing activity and can therefore be combined and reported as one single processing activity. To combine different documents and report it as one processing activity requires that the personal data and purposes are similar in the different documents.
The research group leader is responsible for the research and are therefore also responsible for determining the level at which the registration should be made. Even though the group leader is responsible for the registration it may be delegated to someone else within the research group.

What personal data processing activities should the directors of education, doctoral education and the head of administration report?

These roles are responsible for registering personal data processing activities that are being performed outside of the KI central systems and that are planned to last for more than three months.

What do I need to report if I do not process any personal data at KI?

If you do not process any personal data at KI, you do not need to report any processing activities.

Do we need to report our ongoing personal data processing activities in the new system if they already have been reported via the older paper form?

No, personal data processing activities that has already been registered is handled separately. Only ongoing processing activities that not has yet been reported, or new processing activities regarding personal data should be registered through https://registeranmalan.ki.se

How do I report processing of personal data?

The registration of processing of personal data will be done through an electronic form. As soon as the form is completed, this will be communicated. You can be preventative and start to describe what types of processing activities that is being carried out within your area of work even though the form is not yet completed.