Hourly wages and remuneration

Hourly wages and remuneration will be paid in arrears via Swedbank. Inform your manager or other assigned person about your working hours. Enter the number of hours you have worked every day if you have hourly wages.

Wages are usually paid on the 25th of each month, the month after you have worked.


You will have to register your bank account with Swedbank as soon as possible, although before the 10th the following month by the latest.

After you have registered your bank account with Swedbank, you will get your salary and other benefits paid to the bank and bank account that you have stated.

If you have not registered your bank account with Swedbank, you will receive your salary through a money order that will be sent home to your address.

Change of address

If you move, don't forget to change your address in the PA-web.

Foreign bank account

If you have a coordination number or a social security number and a foreign bank account, you will have to visit a Swedbank/Sparbankenoffice and register your account. Please note that it can take up to two weeks to get your foreign bank account registered.

In order to register your bank account, you will have to bring the following:

  • Coordination number or social security number
  • A decision from the Swedish Tax Agency regarding coordination number
  • An employment contract with KI
  • Passport or a Swedish identity card that is issued by the Swedish Tax Agency
  • KI:s agreement number 029572

You can also contact the payroll specialist at your department and report your IBAN number, BIC number, coordination number or social security number, name and address. KI will then contact Swedbank and register your foreign bank account.


A 30 % withholding tax is deducted from salaries, hourly wages and remuneration if not otherwise notified to payroll@uf.ki.se.

Students who are tax exempt must supply a certificate from the Swedish Tax Agency to this effect.

Employees who are foreign residents must submit their application for tax non-resident (SINK) tax along with their statement of account. Note that a TIN number must always be given for these persons.

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