Installation Ceremony/Inauguration of Professors

Karolinska Institutet organizes every fall an Installation Ceremony where new professors at KI are presented and academic prizes are awarded.

New professors are installed at KI 2019
New professors are installed at KI 2019 Photo: Eric Cronberg

Next Installation Ceremony is on October 12, 2023

Ceremony from 5:00 pm to approx 6:45 pm. A reception will follow at Aula Medica, KI campus Solna.

The link will be activated 30 minutes before the ceremony starts. The programme begins with music from 4:50 pm


In June/July an invitation will be sent to:

  • New professors that have been appointed until July 1st, 2023
  • New adjunct professors as well as new visiting professors 
  • Prize winners

Information to new professors


Each Professor can invite up to 6 guests.

Dress code for new professors who will attend the ceremony

New professors will be wearing doctoral hat and KI gown during the whole ceremony. Hats and gowns can be borrowed from KI, Unit for academic ceremonies.

Dress code for guests at the Installation ceremony

Dark suit.


A mandatory rehearsal will take place at Aula Medica the same day of the Installation ceremony.

Information to prize winners


Each prize winner can invite up to 6 guests.

Dress code for you and your guests

Dark suit


Ylva Blomberg

Master of ceremonies
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