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Leadership development

Leadership support

Organization, team and leadership development

Has your role in leadership/management required you to develop working methods, participation, collaboration, etc. in your department/division/unit or team?

The aim of doing this is, of course, to become more efficient together and achieve superior results and greater commitment.

If this is an area in which you would like some help, then, with your input, measures or programmes canbe tailored to your current situation.

Personal/strategic leadership consultation

Leaders at Karolinska Institutet are being offered the opportunity to receive personal/strategic consultation on matters concerning leadership in a wider sense, ranging from a present situation/challenge you may be facing to your personal development as a leader. In this way, we would like to provide leaders with efficient, personal and tailored skills development.

This consultation is funded centrally by Karolinska Institutet and will therefore not lead to any costs for your department/division.

Leadership guidelines

It is strategically important to exercise good leadership as this will increase the university's chances of overcoming present and future challenges. Leadership plays an important role in the communication and impact of overall values, strategies and decisions throughout an organization.

Leadership guidelines have been written for all staff at Karolinska Institutet. The aim of these is to illustrate a common fundamental view, with respect to values and leadership tasks. Leaders and other staff alike should be aware of the expectations placed on leaders, and the support in place for developing and exercising leadership. This fundamental view should also filter through to follow-up and development dialogues with managers and leaders.

The guidelines also contain material on Karolinska Institutet's leadership philosophy, roles and positions at Karolinska Institutet, skills requirements for various leadership roles, strategic leadership, operational leadership, personal leadership, communication, strategic leadership supply, leadership assessment, the recruiting and appointment of managers and leaders, leadership development, career and changing assignments, follow-up and the "quality assurance" of leadership.

Courses in work environment and other issues

Training in Work environment issues related to manager responsibilities, Module 1: Systematic work environment management

Training in Work environment issues related to manager responsibilities, Module 2: Organizational and social work environment

Training in Work environment issues related to manager responsibilities, Modul 3: Laboratory Safety

Training in Risk assessment in the Systematic Work Environment Management, related to manager responsibilities

Training in Salary review trough dialog related to manager responsibilities



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