Members Committee for Higher Education

Ewa Ehrenborg

Chairperson and Academic vice president

Rune Brautaset


Faculty representatives

Mikael Björnstedt

Faculty representative

Kåre Buhlin

Faculty representative

Johanna Lanner

Faculty representative

Riitta Möller

Faculty representative

Jonas Sundbäck

Faculty representative

Johanna Zilliacus

Faculty representative

Student representatives

Malin Granbom Koski (MF)

Astrid Östholm (MF)

Jana Pukshils (OF)

Union representative

Annica Lindkvist

Union representative Saco-S

Bodil Moberg

Union representative OFR

Henry Wölling

Union representative Seco

Substitute faculty representative


Lena Atterwall

Faculty Office and International Relations

Christina Joos

Coordinator in the committee
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Hien Ekeroth