Members Committee for Higher Education

Annika Östman Wernerson

Chairperson and Academic vice president

Rune Brautaset


Faculty representatives

Eric Asaba

Faculty representative

Peter Bergman

Faculty representative

Johanna Lanner

Faculty representative

Jonas Sundbäck

Faculty representative

Anna Carin Wahlberg

Faculty representative

Johanna Zilliacus

Faculty representative

Student representatives

Carl-Emil Lim (MF)

Armin Tabiei (MF)

Julia Westman (OF)

Union representative

Annica Lindkvist

Union representative Saco-S

Bodil Moberg

Union representative OFR

Henry Wölling

Union representative Seco


Marie-Louice Isacson

Head of Office, Faculty Office and International Relations

Maya Petrén

Coordinator in the committee